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  • Language pairs:

  At Arabiskaa we are specialized in Arabic languages,

We use continuous quality control processes to monitor

quality and accuracy at each and every stage of

translation project as we run 3 phases for each

translation project:

1-Translation phase: With one or group of highly professional native translators.

2-Revision phase: To make sure from the quality by a second translator to ensure accuracy.

3-Proofreading phase: To avoid any linguistic, grammatical or spelling mistakes to provide the best quality.


  • Translation Industry:

We have highly qualified translators with specialized background of different industries such as Software Translation, Medical, Legal, Electronics and Marketing & Advertisement Translation.




At Arabiskaa We have significant experience in Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Graphics editing.

Our DTP Specialists are familiar with all DTP software that might be needed,

We have highly qualified team and they can use difference tools:



We always commit in our quality as we run 2 phases of quality assurance for each project to monitor quality and accuracy as our client’s satisfaction is the main goal for us.

Our professional team can work in Both RTL and LTR directions.

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